We offer 1-on-1 coaching packages. Our experienced coaches will help you to create a campaign strategy, identify your target audiences, teach you how to listen to what they are saying, and more importantly how to grab their attention.

Our packages are designed for individuals or small business owners who want to learn how to leverage social media, and more importantly how to do it the right way.

Our social media coaches will work with you to create a campaign strategy and action plan by walking you through the following key steps:

  • How to identify your target audience
  • How to set Campaign Goals
  • How to listen to what people are saying
  • How to create your social identity and message
  • How to create engaging content
  • How to create a campaign schedule
  • How to build your audience
  • How to Review, Assess, and Improve

Social Media Coaching Package Includes:

1 on 1 meetings with your social media coach to:

  • Review your latest reports and assess campaign results
  • Brainstorm on new content ideas and strategy
  • Help with any questions and training
  • Set new tasks and campaign goals

Easy to follow action plan – Tells you exactly what to do, and when to do it.

24/7 access to our online resource center – Our resource center is a social media and marketing library with a vast array of videos, audio books, e-books, guides, and resources that you can utilize the educate yourself, brush up, or just get the latest tips on just about any marketing subject.

Live support and help – Still have questions? Don’t sweat it. Our Social Media Coaches are available for you via email and live chat to answer any questions you may have. Just like they taught you in kindergarten, there are no stupid questions.